How to Help Your High School Senior Apply to College

Hi! My name is Trish :) I enjoy helping people when and where I can. It stems from being an educator and corporate trainer for over twenty-five years. Now, I'd like to help you (and your child) through the challenging, and often frustrating, experience of applying to college. Here's my background...

While teaching at a high school on Long Island, I wrote curriculum for a course that leads high school students through the college application process during the fall of their senior year. You can learn more about my experience and credentials at

The course was a huge success…with grateful appreciation from students, parents and Guidance Counselors. I went on to write the textbook for the course, College Apps: Selecting, Applying and Paying for the Right College for You. It’s also available for purchase on or for loan at your local public library.

Now, after supporting my own daughter through her senior year of high school and transition to college, I’ve updated and streamlined my system to assist other parents and their children in navigating the process. It's overwhelming and stressful, but when working as a team - YOU GOT THIS!

Life is complicated. Follow these steps to help (you and) your child reduce stress, the potential for faulty decision-making and unnecessary student loan debt during this time

About the Author

Trish Portnoy has been teaching at the West Islip School District since 1997. She’s earned degrees from Lehigh University, Dowling College and LIU Post. Trish is a natural helper who loves to answer questions, give advice and simplify life. Her brother-in-law, Adam calls her “Tell it like it is Trish.” This is Trish’s second book about applying to college and the first in her ASK Trish series.


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