The college application process was not too stressful for me; it was more stressful for my parents than it was for me. What made it not as stressful was the aid I received from my teachers, most importantly, Mrs. Portnoy, and my guidance counselor, Ms. Hanlon. With the aid of these two, it was very easy to stay on top of things and stay organized. What was also helpful was the help from my parents in that they would have conversations with my counselor, go to financial- aid meetings, and take me to colleges to give me a feel of the college atmosphere. The hardest part about the college- application process, in my opinion, was having to type all of my information into each of the applications. Also, cutting down my college essay was very difficult because I worked so hard to write it, and I was forced to shorten it by about 500 words.

-Joe W, high school senior

The college- application process was not as bad as I thought it would be. My parents pushed me to get all of my applications in, and they were there for me with any assistance I needed. My guidance counselor was always there with the answers to any questions I had. Ms. Portnoy was extremely helpful with the process. I wouldn’t have no gotten my applications completed without them.. There were so many things that I wouldn't have known without the help.

-Nina R, high school Senior

I felt the college application process was stressful. I wish I’d started everything earlier. I only applied early action to one school; I wish I’d applied to others earlier, too. Since I'm the oldest in my family, my parents didn't really know what to do. They tried to help as best they could, but they didn't know what to do, and that made it hard for me. I am very happy I'm done with my applications, and now I'm just waiting to hear back from everywhere. When my brothers have to apply, the one thing I will tell them is to apply early! That is the only thing I wish I did;, it would have made the process at lot less stressful.

-Cassidy C, high school senior

Overall, the college- application process for me was not that stressful. In the beginning, before I knew what exactly everything was about, I did stress a little bit. Honestly, if it wasn't for Ms. Portnoy, I don't think the process would have been as smooth. Thanks to her, my organization throughout the whole process was good. The hardest part for me was deciding which colleges I liked and was able to apply to. After determining that I already had my essay, activity sheet, etc., and the whole application process was not that hard. My parents helped me a lot, not only paying for the applications, but also taking me to schools and helping me weigh out my options. My guidance counselor was always there to answer my questions,; usually through email. All together, I am glad that my application process is done, and now the most stressful part is waiting to see if I've been accepted.

-Danielle G, high school senior

The process was quite stressful. My parents tried to help, but they didn't really know what to do.

-Shannon T, high school senior

It was a bit stressful knowing that any mistake could affect the decisions of colleges. I tried to keep organized and do a little at a time so that the work didn't build up. This made it easier to not make mistakes. The hardest part was choosing the colleges that I wanted to apply to. My guidance counselor and Ms. Portnoy helped a lot in getting everything done correctly. My parents supported all of my decisions and added a few colleges to my list to make sure I had a decent amount number of options. I'm glad it's over now, and can't wait for the decisions.

-Caitlin D, high school senior

My college application process was a great experience. However, it was really stressful to do all my schoolwork that and get the applications done by the deadlines. I also loved that my counselor was there to help me out when I was confused about making my college choices.

-Hilary D, high school senior

Applying to colleges was very stressful. It was a very involved process that took a lot of time to perfect. I had to make sure that I had everything I needed and that all of my information was filled in correctly. I must have spent at least an hour just staring at my high school transcript and everything I filled in on the SUNY website, making sure all the classes and grades I filled in were correct. My college essay was another thing I stressed about. I made changes and improvements all the time and tried to make sure it was a great essay. Once I was done with everything I needed to do, I felt very relieved. Knowing I had one less thing to worry about felt great. Now I am waiting to hear back from the colleges I applied to, and I can't wait to get the letters, whether they are acceptances or rejections, in the mail.

-Shannon D, high school senior

The college process has been a nightmare, to be honest. I personally feel I visited wayyyy too many colleges. After all of the places I visited, they all kind of blur together. I still have to finish my SUNY apps; I just forgot I had to do them. I gave up on my application to one school because it is currently $60,000 a year, so there is no way I could afford to go there. My new #number-one1 school is in Pennsylvania. I got my acceptance letter yesterday along with a $14,000 scholarship to go there, and I've visited twice. I really love the school, and I can't wait to visit again. My mom said I have to write them a letter to ask for more money because the cost is really high, but asking a school for money seems really awkward. I hope they do give me more money, though.

-Faith Y, high school senior

My college application process ass was a bit confusing at first, but Ms. Portnoy helped a lot. I would recommend it to anyone applying to colleges during their senior year. I had the most trouble with finding time to complete all the applications. There were so many questions, and every college was just a little bit different, so I couldn't just copy and paste from college to college. They all wanted different information and essay topics. I am done with the majority of the work, and now I’ am waiting for responses. My parents helped me a lot, but much of what I had to do I had to do by myself.

-Brian C, high school senior

Ms. Portnoy was extremely helpful in my college- application process. I had to rely on myself to complete my applications in a timely fashion and that nobody would do it for me.
Overall, the college- application process was simple; however, writing my essay was time consuming and stressful because you have the opportunity to write about anything. Choosing a topic was difficult, and reflecting on my life made it seem so boring. But eventually I constructed a well- written essay, and to my surprise, an admissions counselor complimented me on it.

-Emily A, high school senior


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